Sunday, December 18, 2005

Even more

  • New reader reviews at the NYT site. This one's by "sonic79".
    Call Me Crazy...but I thought this was a very strong play with great acting. Rosemary Harris gave what was, to me, her best performance in years as a hardened (and surprisingly sexy) woman in the middle of a battlefield. The play is otherworldly and strangely familiar, symbolic without losing its realism. I loved the moment when the house flew apart and the soldier marches in to establish a border straight through the bed, a symbol that asks big questions about how cultures can live together. I felt like the play was well-paced, interesting, funny, and visually (and aurally) superb. I would recommend this play to any fan of Beckett or Carol Churchill, or any lover of strong, challenging theatre.

  • William Wolf, Wolf Entertainment Guide.
    Despite the presence of the accomplished Rosemary Harris and John Cullum, Ariel Dorfman’s play about war is a misfire...The newcomer joins in the pompous talk, and although all three actors pour their hearts into the dialogue and drama, the situation is too contrived to sustain.

  • Harvey Kissel, NY Daily News.
    The elderly man and woman who live there, born in the opposing countries, must now ask permission to cross the border in their own home.

    This, too, might have been amusing for 10 minutes, but it is too preposterous and too pretentious to engage us much longer, despite fine performances by Rosemary Harris and John Cullum as the couple and Gene Farber as the guard.
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