Tuesday, September 20, 2005

River King reports and more

A couple of accounts from people who went to see The River King last night. Emily, the extra mentioned a few posts below, says that "it wasn't a bad movie though, I enjoyed it. The woman beside me sobbed. Whole body shaking sobbing. Intense!". Her friend got to meet Edward Burns - click through to read her funny conversation with him about his other film, A Sound of Thunder. Along with Mr Burns, the Herald reports that director Nick Willing, actor Thomas Gibson and producer Michael Cowan were also there, holding a question and answer session after the screening. An IMDB member who also saw the film says that there was no news about release dates.

Episodes 3 and 4 of Pride and Prejudice should be screening on BBC4 tonight. Apparently there was also a six hour marathon on Sunday on UKTV Gold. Sorry about the late notice. There's also this review of the anniversary edition DVD from the Evening Times (actual article not online).
BBC: DVD retail

FOR some people this is the only version of Jane Austen's classic that matters. Never mind Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen, the real Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy are Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth.

This is as handsomely mounted a piece as you would expect from the BBC and the 10th anniversary double-disc edition contains all six episodes and lets you watch Firth get his shirt wet in freeze-frame or slo mo.

Sheer lust aside, you can enjoy some marvellous acting, terrific writing, and a featurette explaining how they made it all happen. A very smart and timely piece of marketing from the BBC.

Alas, it turns out that the Sunday Mirror's report about a new "making of" feature is wrong, according to these Hyacinth Gardens members.

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