Thursday, September 15, 2005

Alpha Male extra

Cee, an extra on Alpha Male, has posted a bit about the film at the forum.

Hi, I was an extra in this film. Like you guys I am eagerly awaiting its release!!

I only did filming for one scene which was a party scene that comes at the end of the film. I think this film does contain flashbacks. The photos that you were debating are JE. There are scenes when her children are young and then more when they have grown up. I think that the film covers quite a lot of time!

In other news, the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax is opening today. A reminder - The River King is screening next Monday. You can buy tickets online now. We Need You, Canadian fans! Reports and reviews would be most welcome. The film's also showing in Sudbury and Calgary on the 24th and 30th respectively.

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