Friday, September 16, 2005

Merely "editorial"?

  • The Guardian reviews the new Pride and Prejudice.

    Only a snob, a curmudgeon, or someone with necrophiliac loyalty to the 1995 BBC version with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle could fail to enjoy her performance.
    Granted, the casting of Knightley and MacFadyen as Mr Darcy is arguably a little more callow than Firth and Ehle, and Knightley is better looking than Lizzy should strictly be, the original's looks being what fashion magazine editors call merely "editorial".

  • Tomorrow's (!) Spectator comments on the Drama Connections documentary about Pride and Prejudice. Paid subscription is required to read the full text.

    The auteur there, as the French would say, was the adaptor, Andrew Davies, who spoke at length, mostly about sex. Perhaps the programme-makers had edited him heavily, but he did give the impression of a man obsessed.

  • Dave, another Alpha Male extra, has posted on the forum about his filming experience. He's heard that the film isn't quite finished yet, contrary to its reported status on IMDB.
  • And some 1995 vs 2005 fun from various blogs. In the 2005 > 1995 corner, two reviews. In the 1995 > 2005 corner, only one. Not a comfortable ratio, but then again the film hasn't even been released properly yet. In the Ehle vs Knightley debate, you can join the fray at IMDB. Warning, it gets heated.
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