Monday, September 19, 2005

Melissa and Linda - eBay roundup

  • Melissa press pack with "detailed biographies, background, cast lists, interviews etc".
    Melissa press pack
  • Autographed photo from The Philadelphia Story with the inscription "To Linda With all best wishes Jennifer Ehle". What dire circumstances would lead one to sell such a thing, we can only imagine.
  • A couple of anniversary edition Pride and Prejudice DVDs are available for worldwide shipping.

    Gilgamesh said...

    What a pretty poster.. I really want Melissa to come out on DVD, and soon at that :\

    T said...

    Mm, not sure about the lippy.

    Well I wrote to Channel 4, asking if Melissa was, is or will be available commercially. They only answered: "Sorry, it was never released".


    Anonymous said...

    Are you bagging Jennifer Ehle's lippy? I'm appalled.

    T said...

    :P Would I dare?