Thursday, September 22, 2005

Melissa reviews

Settle back and reminisce
By Phillip Adams
19 July 1997
The Australian
(c) 1997 Nationwide News Proprietary Ltd

Melissa is played by Jennifer Ehle, who you'll recall from Pride and Prejudice. She was the one with brunette curls who sat giving her Mona Lisa smile while embroidering doilies. Well, in Melissa she's got a defiant mane of blonde hair and keeps screaming with laughter. And there are none of those social inhibitions this time round. A hundred and seventy years down the track from Jane Austen, she's not at all prejudiced about dark, smouldering, somewhat snooty young men. When she feels like playing hospitals with Tim Dutton she simply jumps on him. [more]

Diary - Fakes
By P.H.S.
9 May 1997
The Times
Copyright Times Newspapers Ltd, 1997

A frightful fuss has been made by the Post Office over publicity material dispatched by Channel 4 for Alan Bleasdale's new murder mystery, Melissa, starring Jennifer Ehle. Included in the package was a box of chocolates which contained a fake metal bullet. The bullets sent the PO's metal detectors and security devices haywire. "We were very concerned by the items," says the Post Office, but having investigated and rapped Channel 4 over the knuckles, it eventually agreed to deliver the boxes.

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