Thursday, July 28, 2005

Together We Read

John Ehle's 1967 book The Road, about the people who built the railroad in Western North Carolina, has been voted for the Together We Read reading and discussion program. Look at this article from the Asheville Citizen Times to see a picture of Mr Ehle, Rosemary Harris and a less well-known member of the Ehle family.

"The mountain on whose body they were to work was set on the lowlands at Henry Station," the book begins. "... It rose from that point, which was about 1,500 feet above sea level, to its peak, which was almost 5,000 feet ... By layers the mountain unfolded itself. Climbing to the top, Weatherby Wright once declared, was like ascending to some altitude of oneself."

Yes, this has become the defacto Rosemary Harris and John Ehle blog. There's an inverse relationship between the volume of Jennifer Ehle news and degrees of separation. If she ever decides to have another hiatus, this might well become the JE's-second-cousin-in-law-thrice-removed blog.

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