Monday, July 04, 2005

An open letter

Recently, I received word from someone who heard it directly from Ms Ehle that she disapproved of having candid photos and videos of her on the internet. That is why in all previous stage door posts, the links and source names have been removed. Stage door stories, however, will remain as well as short descriptions of the deleted photos. All requests for stage door media and bootlegs are hereby revoked.

I'm so sorry for the intrusion, Ms Ehle. I knew better - you've specifically told fans you'd prefer not to have photos taken - but I disregarded my conscience for the sake of seeing anything about you. I'm especially sorry for encouraging others to do what I knew to be wrong, particularly regarding the Q&A recording. It was cowardly, tabloid, paparazzi mentality and I'm ashamed.

The privacy issue has been troubling me for a while, and I'd greatly appreciate advice and thoughts from you readers. Please drop by the forum thread I've created for this purpose, or drop me a line at

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Anonymous said...

I agree, if you read this Jennifer, we are really terribly sorry. We didn't mean any disrespect- we just really appreciate your work! We mean all the best for you and your family. xxx