Thursday, July 14, 2005

Philadelphia Story on Independence Day

Thanks to Jenna, who e-mailed in this in.

I was in London to see the show on July 4. Jennifer was so amazing! (and, having spent hours upon hours with her in my living room watching P&P, it was incredible to be in the same room with her--she was simply enchanting) I was thrilled, also, to find that instead of Kevin Spacey who had been advertised as starring (not a fan of his, really), it was Adrian Lukis, so I got both Lizzie and Wickam!!! (too bad no Mr. Darcy!) The show was fantastic, with the exception of the girl who played the little sister, who spoke as if she had a speech impediment...she was terrible. Adrian and DW Moffett were incredibly charming, and the rest of the ensemble was great, but of course, Jennifer stole the show! At the end, there was only polite applause, (the audience seemed to be mostly elderly English ladies) but I wanted to stand for her, and wish I had. She and Adrian Lukis scampered off stage as quickly as they could, and we hung around a while to see if we could see them leaving or anything, but nobody seemed to be there. Still, one of the best experiences i've ever had at the theater (and i LOVE the theater)! Jennifer Ehle is my idol! Just beautiful. :)

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