Monday, July 11, 2005

River King stats and more

A teeny tiny bit more information about The River King from this article about productions in Novia Scotia (HTML, PDF).

When he wasn’t in his Halifax office trying to secure last-minute financing for his latest feature film, Christopher Zimmer of ImX communications Inc. was on set this spring with actor Edward Burns and the cast of The River King. Filming of The River Kingstarted in mid-March and wrapped up in early May. Close to 150 people worked on the production, which was filmed in and around Halifax. All but about 10 of them were from Nova Scotia. The $16.7-million feature film is a Kismet Film Co., ImX communications, Myriad Pictures, and Spice Factory Films co-production, with the participation of Movision Entertainment Ltd. and Telefilm Canada. in Nova Scotia and Scotland.

While we're on marginally relevant documents, the 2003 Broadway Cares annual report (PDF, HTML) has a photo of Ms Ehle and Howard McGillin presenting an award to a high school student on page 41. Unfortunately, her face is obscured. Note that to see the photo, you have to download the PDF version.

There's also a photo on page four of this British Film Institute document (PDF, HTML). It depicts Ms Ehle and other members of the jury for the 1998 BFI Sutherland Trophy.

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