Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Note to self (and indeed all Austen fans): check AustenBlog more often. Apologies, this news is a week old.

Their post announcing the Pride and Prejudice documentary, mentioned earlier, cites a contactmusic article about Colin Firth's refusal or inability to participate, with the expected speculation about his Darcy-denial. There was also a follow-up post with more details about the documentary from Paul Fisher of

He spoke with the producer, Toby Stevens, who also produced the Comedy Connections documentary. The P&P documentary will follow a similar format, showing “the early careers of the cast and major crew (director/producer etc.) and how they came together for the production, what they’ve been up to since and lots of interviews and on-the-set footage,” Paul wrote. We can hear the fangirls swooning already.

Mr. Stevens did not mention a broadcast date, but Paul speculates that it will be shown in mid-September to correspond with the premiere of P&P3.

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