Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Official Word on River King release dates

Scoop! Ann Bernier of IMX Communications, whom I e-mailed begging for details about The River King, has replied thusly:

The word from Alliance Atlantis is that they plan to release the film here in Canada in October after the Toronto Film Festival which happens in early September. We have not heard yet whether the film will be in the Toronto Festival yet or not. The film will also be presented here in Halifax in late September at the Atlantic Film Festival. Myriad Pictures, the foreign sales agent has made numerous sales to other countries. They attended Cannes market, but we have not heard anything from them since the festival about any sales in the US. The market screenings were very well attended though, which is a very [good] sign. The film has not been accepted to the last round of festivals, mostly because it seems to fall between a commercial film and an art film. Momentum in the UK has the rights to the film for distribution and we have not heard anything from them about a release date.

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys!
I Just emailed Momentum and asked them when they were releasing The River King over here in UK. I hope they reply soon. I know that it is supposedly being released on DVD in October...but I was hoping to see it at the cinema. Oh well.
Here is their email address if anyone else wants to email them:

Maybe if we all write to them, they will see how serious we are about wanting this film out soon! Lol

From Sands