Wednesday, June 22, 2005

On Elizabeth Bennet

An interview with Andrew Davies, Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle about the characters of Darcy and Elizabeth, via Colin Firth 24/7. They provide the unembedded Real Player file as well as embedded Windows Media files [edit: just realised, the Windows Media files are not of the same interview! However, they're from a longer interview with Colin Firth, which should be of interest to many of you anyway]. I believe this is an extended version of the interview on the Special Edition DVD of Pride and Prejudice, where Jennifer Ehle's part was cut out.

Jennifer Ehle: I see Elizabeth as independent, witty; she's got a wonderful sense of humour, great intelligence. And she thinks her integrity is perfect - she does have integrity, she's just a bit misguided on the prejudice bit.

Colin Firth: I don't think she would have developed the prejudice against him quite as violently had not her pride been hurt. In fact Jennifer, who plays Elizabeth, found this, in the playing it, that she's quite prepared to be amused by Darcy's arrogance, even when her mother's slighted, but when she herself is slighted, it becomes a sort of obsession, I think.

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