Monday, June 06, 2005

Philadelphia Story encounter from Sands

Let me discard editorial gravity for a moment to say...WOOHOO! Sands of A Truth Universally Acknowledged (a Pride and Prejudice forum, please visit it) has submitted the first entry to the competition, a splendiferous stage door encounter from The Philadelphia Story.

My friend, Richard and I went to the theatre abit early just so that we could find the stage door. It was very easy to locate as it is just on the side of the building. But better to be safe than sorry. Then we went inside half an hr before it started and boy was I excited. Was counting down the minutes!

The play was excellent and really funny. All the actors were great! But especially Jennifer and Kevin. Jennifer was just so amazing. I really dunno what those critics were talking about her being so stiff. She was perfect and had great comical timing. I also loved Julie Mckenzie (the mother).

Anyway, after the play, Richard and I went straight to the stage door. There were already quite a few people there. Kevin Spacey eventually came out to sign autographs. I waited for others to get Kevin's autograph first, then just as I was close to getting his autograph, he said good-bye! But then I think he saw my face ... it must have looked really disappointed coz he came straight back out and signed my programme. Lol Then he went straight back in, and most of the crowd disappeared after that. A few others waited for the rest of the cast. I only stayed for Jen. But alas she didnt come out We waited for about an hour, meanwhile the rest of the cast came out slowly but surely. Still no Jen. Eventually I asked a guy that worked there by the stage door if Jen was still there in the building. He said she was and that she didnt come out after the matinee shows. BUT if I wanted to, I could wait until the evening show ended and she would definately come out then. (Well of course she would come out...she can't stay there all night! Lol). So that is just what Richard and I did! We went and walked around Piccadilly Circus and then went back to the stage door at about 9h20 pm. We waited and waited. Then Kevin Spacey came out (during the show) for some fresh air, and he saw me standing there and I am sure he recognised me coz he went "Ahhh!" and went back inside...must have thought I was some loony stalker. Lol. So eventually the show ended and quite a few people come to the stage door. I just stood right by the door and didnt move away at all. Kevin Spacey was the first one to come out. He started signing everyone's programmes and he then moved towards me to sign his autograph... but all I had in my hand was my Pride and Prejudice DVD cover! So what do you think happened? I ended up saying to Kevin Spacey
"Um...I'm actually waiting to see Jennifer Ehle..."

And with that he lifted up his hands and said "Ahhh! Ok!" and laughed, then signed somone else's programme. The rest of the crowd burst out laughing as well and then he said "She will be out soon". I am pretty sure that he recognised me, tho. Lol. Too bad I didnt get that on video! lol.

Evetually, Jennifer did come out! And I was right infront of the door so she couldnt miss me!. She was all smiles and so sweet! I handed her my P&P dvd cover which she signed with my black marker. I am never going to throw that marker away. Lol. Then I thanked her and told her how wonderful it was... then let her sign everyone else's programmes. Just as she was about to walk away, I asked her if she would pose for a photo with me. She smiled and said she would if she could, but thanks for the thought. She has got such a sweet voice in person. Her accent was American, and it suits her well. Richard did get a photo of Jennifer as she was walking away, tho. And he got a video of me and Jen as she was signing my P&P dvd cover. I have gotten a few stills from the video which you shall see in a moment. I will post a link to the video as soon as possible. Then I will send you the link so u can post it in your blog.

Then as she was walking away, I realised that I had forgotten to give her a thank-you card I had written for her. (Just saying thanks for being so great and entertaining me all these years, etc.) By the time I realised I had forgotten, she was already way down the road! So... I ran after her! And I caught up to her! I said "Excuse me, Ms Ehle! I forgot to give this to you" or something along those lines - I can't remember exactly. My heart was thumping with nerves. She turned around and took the card and said "Awww thank-you so much!" with a big smile, and then turned back round and walked away. I was so happy. Lol I wonder if she has read it yet.... I did add the URL for my forum in the note! Lol. Who knows, maybe she will visit and register! Lol I wish!

And th-th-thats' all, folks! The best night of my life! Lol.

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