Sunday, June 05, 2005

Circumstantial evidence

If you look on Jennifer Ehle's IMDB page, you'll see that she received special thanks for the film Born Romantic. Puzzling, no? A commenter on the message board proposes an answer to the mystery:

Jennifer Ehle is a good friend of David Kane, writer and director of Born Romantic and This Year's Love. She got special thank you in Born Romantic because one time she brought David Kane to her Salsa class. That's where he got the idea for the movie.

This is backed up by a message from the EhleNews group which says that in an interview, David Kane* said that a friend of his took him to a salsa class and that's how he got the idea for Born Romantic. The link to that interview is now dead, but you'll find that in one of her interviews from around the same period, Ms Ehle does say she took salsa lessons.

Sometimes I take salsa lessons. I'm very bad but I like it. I read. I don't watch telly, but I've got one. I just use it for the PlayStation. And, yes, I still pay my licence.

There remains the mystery of why she was credited for The Hole. Any clues? Perhaps the connection is that the director of The Hole, Nick Hamm, also directed Micky Love.

*Incidentally, David Kane is also the screenwriter for The River King.

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Anonymous said...

That movie is creepy! I hope she didn't inspire the idea for that one! YIKES!