Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Yet another Utopia roundup

Sorry this is late.
  • Carlin Romano of the Philadelphia Inquirer compares contemporary Russian intellectuals to those portrayed in Coast of Utopia.
  • Walter C. Uhler challenges Mr Romano in the Huffington Post, with a long article that discusses the ideas of some of the main players.
  • Subscription-only reviews abound this week. Terry Teachout has one in Commentary, Brooke Allen in New Criterion, and Robert Brunstein in New Republic. Complete Review keeps an eye on the debate.
  • Blogger Simon Crowe attended a marathon, and responds to Mr Brunstein thusly:
    [...] Some critics (Robert Brustein in The New Republic) claim the plays are too much about ideas and not enough about character, but I can honestly say I was never bored since the production is acted, directed, and designed by top-drawer artists. [...]
  • Jeff Goldstein, an usher at the Vivian Beaumont, notes how some Utopian actors tend to flock together at mealtimes during the marathon.
  • At Gorky Rises, another marathon survivor who's impressed - albeit a little overwhelmed - and who rates Ms Ehle as one of the standouts along with Mr Crudup. He also had a brief post live from an intermission at the show.
  • Susannah saw Salvage and found it easiest to understand.
  • Stacey, mother of Annabel, who plays one of the kids in Utopia, writes about how her daughter has been embraced by the LCT family. Check out the pic of Annabel with Ethan Hawke.
  • Joe Pi (!) ran the marathon as well (for $60!), and found it "stunning. incredible. phenomenal. breathtaking. fantastic."
  • More adjectival goodness from olivia_cerce:"incredible. Extraordinary. Sublime."
  • caliban24601 says that Utopia is one of Tom Stoppard's snobbier plays, not that there's anything wrong with that, and is glad of having seen the trilogy spread over different days.
  • W. Scott Smoot reviews the text of the plays.
  • At All That Chat, discussion on whether Utopia will be extended once more, and a heads-up about Utopia tix being on TDF.
  • BroadwayWorlders are talking about how Utopia will be treated by the Tonys committee, once again. Brian F. O'Byrne's chances are mentioned, and one person says Ms Ehle should be up for Featured Actress.
  • There's word that some of the Utopia cast, possibly including Mr Hawke, will be guest speakers for NYU's Grad Acting program.
  • Just a reminder- the show closes in about six weeks. If you're in the hemisphere, go see it!
    One reader notes that you can buy last-minute tickets at the box office on marathon days, at least to single shows.
  • One more thing. The Western USA/Canada DVD set of the lending library has reached the end of the list, and the Australian set is almost there. So if you sign up now, you'll be the first to get it. For new readers, the lending library includes an interview DVD, Self Catering, Pleasure, Beyond Reason and The Maitlands.

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Anonymous said...

It occurred to me yesterday that the cast of The Coast of Utopia gets lots of rave reviews, but the crew hardly get noticed.

Without the scores of background people faithfully performing their different parts with excellence each night, though, the cast could not shine nearly so brightly as they say their plethora of lines...

Especially when it comes to marathon performances. The actors get the credit and the sympathy for all the energy it takes to run that race well, but there are others who deserve both equally.

I sat in the theater during the marathon performance of Shipwreck on Saturday the 24th and noticed this man cramped up, for at least most of the 9 hours of the show, in the cat walk high above the stage floor running lights.

He, and all the other behind the scenes people like him, rarely get but still deserve a massive shout out and "Good on ya!" for all their magnificent work that contributes to making The Coast of Utopia as magical and delightful an event as it has been.