Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Paris Reconstructed

Here is the site for Beyond Design Incorporated who were the masterminds behind the marble horse statues in the Place de la Concorde scene in Shipwreck. They have some fantastic photos of the statues in construction and in situ, whilst also giving an insight into how they are able to explode mid-revolt. Clever stuff.

Radio-wise, theatre critic Ed Siegel is interviewed on Here and Now about Utopia. There are three nice audio clips as well as a little helping of music. No specific mention is made of Ms Ehle, but Siegel does argue that 'a Stoppard play without women would be like an HBO show without four-letter words'. Interesting analogy.

Whilst acknowledging that no-one will probably ever do a better production of this play than the Lincoln, he advocates seeing all three over a few days rather than as a marathon. He does however agree with Amy Irving's previous estimation that Shipwreck is the one to see if your rouble balance has seen better days.

Siegel and host Robin also discuss the correct pronunciation of 'Stoppard'. Based on my experiences as an audience member however, I would say it is 'Ehle' that people need to learn to pronounce!

Utopia took the silver capacity-wise last week (ending April 15) with 92%. In first place was Moon for the Misbegotten (96%) and in third was The Year of Magical Thinking which achieved 89%. All others were in the low seventies or lower. Gold next week?

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