Saturday, April 14, 2007

Something old, something new

A couple of photos from the Summerfolk programme. (Olivier Theatre, 1999)

There are also a couple of lovely ones from last month's Leonard Lopate radio interview. One with the host, and one mid-broadcast. It must have been a busy weekend, as the next day the ATW seminar was filmed! Again, the schedule for that can be found here. Roll on April 22nd!

On first glance, the aforementioned Summerfolk bares quite a few Utopian resemblances. Firstly, it is all about nineteenth and early twentieth century Russia. Secondly, Ms Ehle's character was called Varvara, and thirdly, the programme even refers to Belinsky at one point. Small world.

Here is a nice KPBS interview from last year with Jack O'Brien. (Who looks most different minus the specs!)

Extensive, accurate stage resumes for key members of the Utopia gang can be found on There is also the odd amusing quote. Martha Plimpton describes herself as 'just kind of an actor', while Richard Easton gives some valuable (if potentially head-scratching) advice: "I've never done anything for any other reason than that I wanted to do the thing itself."

As predicted, much leapfrogging occurred last week box office wise. Utopia took the bronze medal with an impressive 92%, being beaten by The Year of Magical Thinking (98%) and Moon for the Misbegotten (97%). Encountering progressively larger obstacles round the track were Inherit the Wind (83%), Frost/Nixon (66%), Talk Radio (51%) and Journey's End (35%).

EBay items up for grabs include a Tartuffe programme and a signed photo of a (much younger!) Martha Plimpton.

That's all Summerfolks! Nothing borrowed or blue I'm afraid. (I'll work on it...)

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