Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The cows are noted for their beauty

  • Judd Hollander of The Epoch Times thinks Salvage is too much like a soap opera and it left him feeling 'jumbled'. But he does have a few good words to say:
O'Byrne is quite good as Herzen, as is Ethan Hawke as Michael Bakunin ... Richard Eastman and Jennifer Ehle, both of whom played other roles in the earlier episodes of the trilogy, are also enjoyable here.

Eastman? This is followed by what is potentially the understatement of the century:

Direction by Jack O'Brien is okay.


  • Ethan Hawke's new role is leading him to think about cows. He is also preparing to put pen to paper once more.
  • At Chowhound, aimeezing marathoned March 10, felt pleasantly 'immersed' and is consequently another advocate of the back-to-back approach. Food-wise, she gives a thumbs-up to Fiorello's and Josephina's, both of which seem to have a prix fixe for marathon attendees.
  • Bronze again for Utopia bums-on-seats-wise; joint first were Moon for the Misbegotten and The Year of Magical Thinking both at 94%, with Utopia effectively therefore third at 91%.

(It's a line from Salvage, in case you were wondering...)

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