Monday, November 28, 2005

Summerfolk, and the living is easy

Er, moving on. A couple of Summerfolk reviews, both (slightly) nasty and nice:

The transition from laughter to tears in seconds by the beautiful Varya played to the T by Jennifer Ehle

There are also some audience opinions at the National Theatre's talkback pages. Some rather lovely comments there:

I must admit my main reason for seeing the play was the fact that Jennifer Ehle was in it. She is a consummate actress with a style very much her own, and It's always a pleasure to witness her performances, especially in the theatre, where her considerable talent can be displayed to the full. She gave a superb performance in The Real Thing where she was able to show her emotional range much more than in Summerfolk. Let's just hope that Trevor Nunn can persuade her to become a regular player at the National. Could we ever be that lucky? I certainly hope so.

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