Wednesday, November 09, 2005

More Possession

A bit unoriginal with the headings lately, eh. Anyway, ratings, reviews, photos and production notes are available at this Possession site. The latter are taken from the official movie site but are in plain text, a good thing if you're a fellow Flash-phobe. Here's a bit from the casting notes:

Ehle muses, "Christabel is an image that helps the modern couple fall in love. Her story is quite tragic, but she did love and I think that’s what Possession says —it’s worth risking all for the sake of love. She’s very unconventional and has her own rules, she tries to live her life the way that she wants to."

LaBute adds, "There is a force to Christabel, a singlemindedness about the way she approaches life, that I thought Jennifer was perfect to portray. There’s a strength about Jennifer as a person that’s undeniable, which is showcased beautifully in her portrayal of Christabel. Quite honestly, I strongly feel that she is one of our greatest stage and screen actresses."

He's a playwright, no? Oh Neeeiilll...

Forgot to include this in the post below - there's another Jeremy Northam interview. No mention of Ms Ehle, though it's pretty funny:

B.L. Did you have to prepare in any way to play the Victorian poet Randolph Henry Ash?

J.N. I had to spend a lot of time in make-up chairs rather more than I would have liked. Then there were three different makeups to do and no one could decide anything. Plus also, they offered the part to someone before, which rather threw me. They offered it to Sean Connery first. Sean and I are often up for the same roles, you know.

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