Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Birthday project

[update: the deadline has been moved forwards to December 22nd, not 12th as said earlier]

We’re going forwards with Operation Enduring Gratitude.

So, Jennifer Ehle’s birthday is on December 29th. We’re planning a project to wish her happy birthday and thank her for her superhuman generosity in doing the fan interview for all of us fans. And because she’s a fabulous actress and all-round cool cat too. She gave us hours of her time; we thought it'd be nice to show her our gratitude by a collective effort.

The project is an electronic collage consisting of messages from fans around the world. Basically, you e-mail in a graphic file to us, we assemble all the submissions into a collage, then send the file to Ms Ehle.

  1. Why should I participate? this is your chance to personally express your appreciation of Ms Ehle's work to her.
  2. When is the deadline? December 12th. 12/12. Easy to remember. The deadline is now December 22nd.
  3. How do I submit my message? Send the file as an attachment in an e-mail to
  4. What sort of messages can I send? The choice is yours. Any sort of thank-you, birthday/holiday wishes, or "you rock" sort of message is ok, as long as it contains some graphic elements. A collage is visual, after all. Here's one I prepared earlier. Some other ideas:

    • Handwritten message, scanned in.
    • Sketch or some other graphic, scanned in or done on the computer.
    • Digital photo of yourself, some artwork, the scene outside your window, your dog, your shrine to her (or maybe not), whatever.

  5. What format do you prefer? .jpg is best, but if you don’t know how to convert to that format, just send us what you’ve got and we’ll try to work it out. So far we've accepted an e-card, Powerpoint file, Word files, PDFs. File sizes below 1mb are also preferred, have pity on our poor dialup.
  6. Will my message be published publicly? Yes, we'll publish the collage so everyone can see the final result. Therefore, take this into account if you include your contact details or full name on your message.

The success of this project depends on just a little effort from a lot of people. We Need You!

But if you'd rather go solo, have a look at the FAQ for contact details (her agents', that is).

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