Friday, November 18, 2005

The River King screencaps

There's no need for commentary. Just click away!

  • Taking photo
  • Darkroom
  • Hanging stuff
  • More darkroom
  • Kiss
  • Looking concerned
  • What's that?
  • Shuteye
  • Holding camera
  • Umbrella
  • In doorway
  • Looking sideways
  • With Ed Burns at party
  • Ed Burns
  • Woman in black
  • Looking at Ed Burns
  • Get a room
  • A car will do
  • The claw

    Sort of unrelated but funny: Pride and Prejudice goes txt (ta Mary):
    5Sistrs WntngHsbnds. NwMeninTwn-Bingly&Darcy. Fit&Loadd.BigSis Jane Fals 4B,2ndSisLiz H8s D Coz Hes Proud. Slimy Soljr Wikam Sys DHs Shady Past.Trns Out Hes Actuly ARlyNysGuy &RlyFancysLiz. She Decyds She Lyks Him.Evry1 Gts Maryd.
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