Friday, October 21, 2005

River King press reviews

Alas and alack.
  • Eye weekly's Adam Nayman gives The River King 1.5 stars, blaming David Kane's emphasis on the wrong elements of the story.
    The murder mystery fights for screen time with Abel's perfunctory romance with a comely teacher (Jennifer Ehle) and conflict with his on-the-take partners at the police station. Then there are the hallucinations he keeps having of a skittish, wan child (a staple of any thriller produced after The Ring), the explanation of which is so tangentially related to the rest of the story that it's a genuine howler. Some bad movies are fun to pick apart, but The River King, which is grey, gloomy and maladroit, can't even stimulate that kind of backwards pleasure.

  • Cameron Bailey of Toronto's Now magazine praises the film's cinematography, but...
    All this might work if the director made more interesting choices, if the story built to a smart twist or if Burns didn't have the unfortunate habit of channelling Ben Affleck. This isn't supposed to be a horror movie.

    In Rosemary Harris news, Playbill reports that she attended the opening of Absurd Person Singular. There's also a picture of her in an article about the cast of The Other Side, due to start previews on November 10th.
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