Sunday, October 02, 2005

Dear, sweet Johnny

In this 2000 Toronto Star interview, Rosemary Harris talks about working with her "old flame" John Neville in Sunshine.

And I raved about her striking performances as co-star of the movie Tom And Viv, for which she received an Oscar nomination, in TV's The Holocaust and in Kenneth Branagh's movie Hamlet.

Hearing this, she patted my hand, stared into my eyes and replied, dreamily, "Johnny was so handsome, still is."

I was about to demand "Johnny's" last name so I could challenge him to a duel when she dropped the clue that stopped me.

"He was my Iago in Othello at the Old Vic, alternating with Richard Burton, 40 years ago; hadn't worked with him again until this film."

Of course. Her "Johnny" is John Neville, the Toronto actor (currently in TV's Amazon) and a former Stratford Festival artistic director who plays Harris' Communist brother-in-law in Sunshine. [more]

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