Friday, October 28, 2005

Interview annotations

Links to things mentioned in The Interview. These are mostly from the fansite. That site also has her filmography, or more accurately her everythingography, where you can see the details of her lesser known works.

4. Rosemary Harris' The Royal Family

6. Rosemary Harris' first performance. Also in the article recently posted. Can't find the Streetcar Named Desire performance she refers to, since it says Ms Harris did that play in 1973.

9. On her "chromosome glitch" (video) and also in text

11. On "doing things" (same video as in #9)

12. On classical training, see ITV transcript and Flicks interview

13. On Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, from EW

16. "Strong, independent" (my mistake here, it was the director of Possession not Sunshine who said that) from Virginia Pilot

18. Rosemary Harris' mood changes when playing different roles

19. On her script snobbery

24. On not feeling comfortable as Christabel (same as in #16)

25. On the book of acting (same as in #12)

27. On wanting to write

32. An example of avoiding the actor stereotype

35. On actors being oracles (see Profiles - Jennifer Ehle: Wilde at Heart...")

41. Rosemary Harris' "gills"

49. On admiring Maggie Smith

60. Video of Brodie's Script scene that she mentions in her answer. See "He Can't Write".

89. On Tracy Lord being the only role that would lure her away from her family

93. On never imagining she'd be married

96. On rootlessness (see "Jennifer Ehle on Melissa")

100. On learning French

107. On being tone deaf (see "Power Jen")

108. On not having a very strong sense of self (same as in #9)

110. On visiting a Benedictine convent and Cuba

116. On being a "self-confessed thriller fan" (see "Jennifer Ehle on Melissa")

124. The driving nude quote (see "Everybody's Talking About.......Jennifer Ehle")

126. The misinterpreted welling up about Cate Blanchett's success

131. Attending Queen's College

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