Monday, October 31, 2005

The Interview

Download* the entire interview in zip format. Alternatively, download each part separately:
  • Part 1 (career & profession: 12 pages)
  • Part 2 (specific works: 7 pages)
  • Parts 3-5 (motherhood & family; geography, nationality & accent; interests & personality: 6 pages)
  • Parts 6-7 (miscellaneous & silly questions; inevitable Colin Firth/Kevin Spacey fangirl questions: 4 pages).

    There are also HTML versions of the files thanks to Google cache. These do not require you to download any files or programs, but are not as easy to read as the originals above, because of formatting problems. Part 1, Part 2, Parts 3-5, Parts 6-7.

    Finally you can read HTML excerpts of the interview at AustenBlog and BlogCritics. These are only a fraction of the full interview though.

    A bit of an explanation for new visitors: earlier this year, we sought question submissions from fans which were then sent to Ms Ehle (read the FAQ to see how this came about). This is the result: 100+ answers verbatim direct from her to you, published in the same PDF format in which they were returned. There are some links to things mentioned in the questions in the annotations post below. If you'd like to join in our fannish squeeing, drop by the forum.

    This just has to be said in public, even though it's the understatement of the century: Jennifer Ehle, you are a legend!

    If you're interested in expressing your gratitude yourself, have a look at our thank-you project.

    The Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License below is so that anyone (read: journalists) who quotes or reproduces the interview has to attribute it to the site.

    Creative Commons License

    *Thanks to Colin Firth 24/7 for hosting these files! Much better than Rapidshare. They've also provided links to the programs you need to unzip and read the PDFs: Adobe Reader and Zip Genius

    Chelsea said...

    Anyone who agree's JE's the best celebrity in the world say, AYE!!

    T said...

    Aye, I!

    Imogen Crest said...

    Tina, you star! Moni (Possession Read)

    T said...

    It's all JE. I mean...100 questions! That's just...!!!

    Anonymous said...

    From Middlesborough FC? You won't find what you're looking for here.

    Betty said...

    It's Middlesbrough actually.
    and how do you know what i was looking for?
    i admire the acting talent of Ms Ehle greatly.

    Anonymous said...

    My mistake. If it's her acting talents you admire, you've come to the right place.

    Anonymous said...

    i'm a big cate blanchett fan so it's great to here another of my favourite actresses (JE) talk about her ike that. i wish they were in an interview together

    Anonymous said...

    AHH!!! i was sooooo sad to find out she was fair-haired. i thought she was a natural brunette. she looks so much prettier with brown hair. and i was also shocked to find out she was born in the USA. fake british accent?? is it? it's like...when i found out orlando bloom was a brunette and not a blonde without pointy ears LOL.

    td said...

    Those PDF links are now dead. Interview can be found at: