Sunday, September 07, 2008

TIFF Countdown

The Toronto festivities officially began on Thursday, and only two days remain until Pride and Glory makes its eagerly-anticipated world premiere! If anyone is able to attend, please please please share your (preferably Jennifer Ehle-oriented) thoughts with us. We are not above begging, as you can see!

In the meantime, an early review from Popjournalism extols the "terrific" leading actors (placing particular emphasis on Norton's "top-notch" performance) and concludes that Pride and Glory is "definitely a film worth checking out." So far so good. [Edit: Oops, this was posted last time. . . apologies.]

  • "Lost in Austen, what's the verdict?" The Austen Blog is in the midst of an engaging discussion regarding the new UK mini-series that Abi mentioned in the previous post. Stop by their blog to find out what Austen fans are saying about the first episode.
  • "Once more out of the breeches!" According to DigiGuide, our beloved Pride and Prejudice is going to be on UKTV GOLD beginning September 13. (Click here to see the schedule.) Don't miss watching it "live" if you can help it.

You are what you eat, err write

  • There is a fantastic interview with Tom Stoppard at The Guardian, which is (not surprisingly!) full of delicious quotage including this little gem: "You can't help being what you write and writing what you are." He discusses just about everything, and The Coast of Utopia and (sigh) Ivanov are no exceptions. Read on!
  • More Stoppard-ness can be found at The San Francisco Chronicle, and be sure to pop by our Chat Extension to read about a fan's extended experience with Utopia's Natalie Herzen.

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