Wednesday, September 10, 2008

All go in Toronto!

Pride and Glory made its world premiere yesterday (the arrival photos from Getty Images acting as our proof!)

Various news conference and portrait session photos can be seen at Getty Images, Breitbart and Tangled Magazine (none with Ms Ehle, alas) while Vanessa Farquharson of the National Post gives the 411 on the conference for those of us not able to attend (Colin Farrell was MIA; Gavin O'Connor wore no socks). Gregory Bonnell of the Star has some quotage from Mr Norton.

There are just a few finds in the review arena thus far, with more no doubt to come.

Todd McCarthy at Variety is keen to point out this is not a happy film - ( 'the deterministic tragedy is guaranteed to make you more depressed going out than you were going in, even if you were depressed in the first place') - and he largely comments on the storyline.

[...] O'Connor devotes considerable time to detailing the Tierney family woes: Francis Jr.'s wife, Abby (Jennifer Ehle, with head shaved), is in the final stages of terminal cancer; Ray's about-to-be ex-wife doesn't want him back; and holiday family time is constantly interrupted by emergencies and lowlifes dropping by to bug Jimmy, leaving wives and kids high and dry. [...]

Time Out Chicago are much more blunt in their evaluation. WorstPreviews though champion the flipside, confidently stating:

[...] I can tell you that the movie is as good as 'Training Day,' if not better. ... [Gavin O'Connor] will go on to have an amazing career if he keeps pumping out films like "Pride and Glory." [...]

Thanks to Kate's discovery abilities, you can also view a lovely still of Ms Ehle as Abby at Rope of Silicon. Pride and Glory will be shown again at the TIFF on the 12th (2.45-4.50pm) while tickets for the Woodstock Festival (Oct 1-5) go on sale at noon today.

Happy festivalling!

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