Saturday, September 27, 2008

Invigorating the cop drama

  • Pride and Glory has revamped its official website, and besides looking super spiffy, a new photo of Jennifer Ehle as Abby has been added. Just click on the gallery and flip through the Tierney family album to see it.
  • In his "Fall Movie Preview," Peter Travers of Rolling Stone encourages everyone to see Pride and Glory:
    Director Gavin O'Connor grew up in an Irish family of New York detectives. Maybe that's why his searing police drama feels so lived-in, heartfelt and brutally honest. Edward Norton excels as Ray, the cop caught between an old-school father (Jon Voight), a brother (Noah Emmerich) who looks the other way and a brother-in-law (Colin Farrell) who's lost his moral balance. O'Connor (Tumbleweeds, Miracle), who co-wrote the story with his brother Gregory, invigorates the cop drama, makes it personal again, but for two years his dynamite film has been trapped in the limbo of studio politics and the vagaries of distribution. You now have the chance to see O'Connor's labor of love. Take it.
  • Two more Amazons have joined the ranks of viewers who loved Before the Rains:

    ~ Love It! ~ This movie was amazing... The writing was great, the acting perfect and the directing superb! Linus Roache shines as always. Just remember to look for hidden meanings and always expect the unexpected!

    ~ Beautiful cinematography ~ Before the Rains is an enjoyable movie with everything going for it. Breathtaking visuals complimented with good acting and a strong storyline makes it a winner. There may be some scenes which wouldn't make much sense to a Western mind but I do think the movie is true to it's timeline of India before independence, the fragile Brit-Indian relationship and finally the endless superstitions some of which continue to prevail to this day.

  • Rains was also shown at the Independent South Asian Film Festival in Seattle last night. Don't forget that Pride and Glory will be making its US debut at the Woodstock Film Festival next week (Oct 2).

P.S. You might be amused to know that "Jennifer-Ehle-as-Elizabeth-Bennet" has become an adjective used to describe other actresses:

[...] Miss Maria Dorrillon (an impassioned Laura Doddington) and Lady Mary Raffle (a very Jennifer-Ehle-as-Elizabeth-Bennet Ursula Early) are causing concern for Maria's caretaker Mr Norberry (Michael Burrell) with their wild behaviour, and their flirting and spending. [...] ~

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