Friday, November 10, 2006

Voyage stuff

  • Review from John Meyers, Connecticut Post.
  • Cheaper Ironies - guestbook message from someone who got to see rehearsals.
  • MrSmearcase feels intellectually bullied.
  • Doug Marino says it's packed with standout performances, but wonders whether average Joe theatregoer will get it.
  • Mixed views and debate at All That Chat.
  • Japanese review, or something.
  • Jaime loved it.
  • New but negative reader review at NY Times.
  • Some Billy Crudup love at IMDB.
  • Photo of Ethan Hawke as Bakunin at Theatermania.
  • Last and best, a slideshow from Martha Plimpton's blog, with backstage photos! If you want to see them one by one, start here. None of notre dame I think.
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