Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Voyage opening night videos

Here's a video from opening night at Very dialup-unfriendly, but worth the download as it contains clips from the play and soundbites from the cast. Thanks for the tip Kate! There's quotage from Ms Ehle about three-quarters of the way through, about how you don't need to do any homework for the plays (David Harbour concurs).

NY1 has a video and written review of the play. Ehle-filter:

Adding romantic complications are Bakunin's four daughters, two of whom are portrayed by Jennifer Ehle and Martha Plimpton. Stoppard might have fleshed out the women's roles more, but these fine actresses are excellent nonetheless.

Here's a blog post from that critic, David Cote. There's another review by Leonard Jacobs of Backstage as well, no particular mentions. has "Word of Mouth" reviews by three "real theatregoers", also with video.

Much discussion of The Coast of Utopia at All That Chat meanwhile: on Stoppard's letter to the editor, on whether the plays need to be seen in order, on whether there are really across-the-board raves or not, on how the trilogy will be considered at the Tonys, and a couple of responses to the NY Times review. There are a few more reader reviews at the NY Times as well.

The photo up top is one of nine high-res ones that Josie sent (ta!). Check out the rest at our photo album.

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