Thursday, November 30, 2006

Playbill on Voyage opening

Playbill has an article on the opening with photos and quotage from everyone. Everyone except - yep, you gussed it.

Ctrl-F-"Ehle" goodness:

[sez Jason Butler Harner, aka Turgenev] "The second play is so beautiful. Jennifer and Brian are incredible in it. It's smaller in scope. It's still 10 years, but it's more about relationships, friends growing old together. They've all known each other about 10 or 15 years now so it's much more Chekhovian."
Stunning-looking by Tavern light, Amy Irving gamely played Mother for the play. "I get to be Mother Earth in this one — and, in the next one, not so much," she says with a sexy smile. "It's nice to be able to move from mother to Jennifer Ehle's contemporary."

The latest press review is from the New York Observer by John Heilpern. There's a blog review at Stories of a future librarian, discussion of Tony categories at BWW (the Tony awards administration committee is considering this question when they meet on Nov 30, says Playbill), and Terry Teachout responds to The Playgoer's post on the cost of Utopia tix.

More: review by Elysa Gardner of USA Today:

Stoppard's portrait of the effete complacency of the privileged set is infused with great wit. Richard Easton has many fine, funny moments as the arrogant patriarch Alexander Bakunin, while Jennifer Ehle, Martha Plimpton, Kellie Overbey and Annie Purcell amuse as his sometimes frivolous daughters.

Variety covers the opening and Greg Stepanich is inspired by Belinsky's line about the breath of a single eternal idea. Blogger Amy attended opening night and spotted some celebs. Word at All That Chat is that Salvage has sold out- hope you've got your tickets already.

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