Saturday, February 18, 2006

Possession snippets

Wee tidbits from Possession reviews today. These are just the bits about Ms Ehle because copy-pasting is so strenuous.

  • This one's catty. It's from the Fin Review. These sentences may or may not be connected.

    Possessed by a lesser spirit
    Peter Craven
    Australian Financial Review

    In counterpoint to him there is Ehle and if you are not allergic to her, you will probably think she gives one of her better performances as the poet who sacrifices so much in order to come to terms with her soulmate. The self-conscious pouts and implicit glances in the mirror are still there but Ehle has a kind of monumental quality in her Pre-Raphaelite incarnation, even though it might have been more attractive if a bit bewildering to have Paltrow in both the contemporary and the Victorian roles.

  • And here, she's called British again.

    Americans take possession, but Brits win
    By Margaret Agnew
    (c) 2002 Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News

    What a to-do! Miss Elizabeth Bennet is cheating on Mr Darcy!

    Well, not really, but it's hard to see Jennifer Ehle in period costume, smiling winsomely up at some sideburned man, and not think of her BBCTV Pride and Prejudice role.

    In the film Possession, Ehle plays bisexual Victorian poetess Christabel LaMotte, who falls in love with prominent married poet laureate Randolph Henry Ash (Jeremy Northam doing his dashingly-handsome-decent-guy thing), despite the restrictive mores of the era.
    They strike few romantic sparks and create little chemistry. In the battle of American actors versus English actors, Ehle (despite her Bennet-ness) and Northam beat Paltrow and Eckhart hands down.

  • Nice note to end on.

    "Possession' tells tales of love in Victorian, modern times"
    Soren Andersen
    The News Tribune

    Northam is suitably soulful as Ash, but it's Ehle who steals the picture with her quiet warmth and an intriguing brand of enigmatic composure.
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