Friday, February 24, 2006

Comments policy

With the recent small dramas on the comments, we thought we’d better make clear our policy for acceptable comments on the blog.

Comments on blog posts must be relevant to the post at hand. If you have general criticisms or comments, please make them at the forum. It is registration-free and a more suitable place for lengthy discussions. The rules there are more lax.

Consistent with our policy of warning readers when reviews are negative, we request that you put a warning in your blog comment if it is critical towards Ms Ehle. "*warning: critical*" would suffice. This is not required on the forum.

General criteria for comments on the blog
Unacceptable: posts that will be automatically deleted
  • Discriminatory comments (against people of a certain gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, age, etc)
  • Defamatory comments
  • Obvious trolling (eg. name-calling, personal attacks, malicious derailing, foul language)
  • Advertising/spam

  • Civil criticism. This means comments that are respectful of others and not merely generalised putting down. A good guide is whether you would make that comment to our/Ms Ehle’s/whoever’s face.

    Write to us at if you believe your comment has been deleted unfairly or if you have any other suggestions, questions or whatever.
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