Monday, February 20, 2006

Blog trawl

Haven't had one of those for a while. There a a couple of foreign-language posts, so get Babelfish ready. Most are Pride and Prejudice-related.

  • Raffy reckons that Keira Knightley borrows from Ms Ehle:
    La Knightley sa reggere davvero la scena e da una versione di Lizzy che rispetta la Lizzy del libro, forse in alcuni punti un pò troppo simile a quella di Jennifer Ehle (la Lizzy dello sceneggiato della NBC): tutti quei sorrisi a occhi stretti.....sono molto da Ehle.

    Knightley indeed knows how to resist the scene and gives a version of Lizzy that respects the Lizzy of the book, perhaps in some points a little too similar to that of Jennifer Ehle (the Lizzy of the NBC dramatization): all those smiles with tight eyes.....are very Ehle.

  • And from, er, 马雅可夫斯基的臭虫. Use "Chinese-simp" to translate it. This is all about Ms Ehle as Lizzy, but I can't really make out whether it's positive or negative or what. There is this bit which actually is something like English:
    The Ehle flavor, lies in the five senses. Another schoolmate said "Jennifer Ehle eye really attractive", I thought her eyebrow is more attractive.

  • Some nastier ones. From awakencordy's Livejournal:
    Ehle was an okie dokie kind of a Lizzy, I prefer Keira's performance. Yes, Ehle is a pretty woman, but she was "all smiles" during some parts, and it was not all for the time of the novel, it was her body.. You can feel the rebelness in Keira's vibe, Ehle was so smooth.

    Rebelness? *twitch* There's a malicious one at Any Eventuality. Read at your own risk. I'm serious.
  • At Cacciaguide:
    So the Wright movie is an excellent addition to the Austen filmography, though A&E will remain the gold standard. Jennifer Ehle's Elizabeth in the A&E version was charming, brilliant, and just what the author ordered. However, I will be getting the movie tie-in paperback, the one with Keira's face on it.

  • And finally, for something different, a Bedrooms and Hallways review chez Writing of Harlots:
    ...we watched Bedrooms and Hallways, and I fell in love with kinda-queer-mostly-confused-James Purefoy just like everyone else in the history of EVER. As I told damned_colonial, his character was kind of a clueless bastard, but I want one anyway. Also, Hugo Weaving was in this one, as a real estate agent who used his access to strangers's houses to shag his boytoy senseless in increasingly decadent surroundings. And, there was Jennifer Ehle, who I didn't recognize for about ten minutes because she was BLONDE! AUGH! But thumbs up for light and fluffiness and SO MUCH BOYKISSING, thumb gravity for blatant stereotyping, and thumb WTF? for fashion used as a weapon. Ask your Netflix, it comes Sid recommended.
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