Friday, September 23, 2005

River King interviews

With Ed Burns, Nick Willing and Thomas Gibson, from the Halifax Daily News:

“It was a tough, tough winter,” said Burns, with a shake of his head. He flew in yesterday from New York for last night’s screening of The River King at the Atlantic Film Festival. “But Halifax is definitely the kind of place you want to come back to … in the summer.”... “I wanted to do something different than my films, the kind of stories I usually do,” says Burns...“I was drawn to the supernatural element of the screenplay and this quietly tormented guy.”
“I knew the film would come alive in the snow. Grief is a little bit like that — you feel numb and you feel frozen. I wanted to reflect that in the environment,” said Willing, who arrived yesterday from London, England.

“And then, when the snow melts, the secret is revealed.”[more]

The film is screening at the Cinéfest Sudbury festival tomorrow (24th), at the Cineplex Galaxy SilverCity Sudbury cinemas (355 Barrydowne Road) at 6.00pm. Single tickets can only be bought as "rush tickets" available five minutes before. To secure a ticket, you can buy packs in advance at the Silver City Box Office, Black Cat 2 (86 Durham Street), or Gloria's Restaurant (469 Bouchard) and line up half an hour before.

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