Thursday, September 15, 2005

Drama Connections online

Colin Firth 24-7 has made a digital recording of the Drama Connections documentary about Pride and Prejudice. Here are the unembedded links:
  • Realplayer, dialup
  • Realplayer, broadband
    [edit: not sure if the RealPlayer links work anymore since they are moving addresses]
  • Windows Media, dialup
  • Windows Media, broadband

    Chelsea said...

    YAY! That was so good! Grr, now I have to get back to work... :(

    Cyrus Whitehorn said...

    Thanks so very much for taking your time to create your blog. Excellent work

    Noddy said...

    The Realmedia player files don't work anymore, but we are working on adding Quicktime files (nice for everyone with with an Apple Mac computer)

    Keep up the good work!