Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Make that three

This is the letter from Josie accompanying the stage door photos a few posts down.

I'm attaching a few photos my friend Sue and I took of Jennifer at the Old Vic stage door at the weekend, that I thought you might like to have for your site. She really is so sweet and friendly. A very warm person (and a terrific actress, of course!) :)

Sue and I went to see the last two night's performances of The Philadelphia Story. Both nights were fantastic, especially the final night and the cast received a standing ovation at the end. We had a lovely evening in the Pit Bar on Saturday night. The whole cast, including Jennifer hung out in the bar the whole time, until way gone 2am. It was the first time I'd seen Jennifer in the bar and it was lovely to see her there, and all the others hanging out, laughing and chatting together. They're all such nice, friendly down to earth people. I feel sad I won't see them all there, together anymore. :( Jennifer seemed really relaxed and happy in the bar and was tucking into kebabs and chips at a table in the corner with some of the other cast, at one point, and drinking champagne. It was also cute to see her and Richard Lintern giving each other a big long hug right in front of me, by my table, lol.

It's so clear the whole cast really bonded and one of them I was speaking to (Damien Matthews, who played Sandy) told me they'd all become great friends during this production and he was upset that it was over and they wouldn't be all together like that anymore.

And in response to my question whether there were any pranks or ad-libs in the last show:

I can't say I really noticed any obvious ones, no. I was expecting there to be, actually. In fact, there were more the night before, from Kevin at least. Like when he gets down on one knee to propose to Jennifer/Tracey at the end. This time he wasn't only on one knee, he ended up lying flat on the floor, face first! Jennifer was trying to keep a straight face, I could see! Also, there'd been a lot of moths flying around the stage that night, attracted by the lights. When Kevin/Dexter goes over to the vicar who's just walked in the room, and shoves him back into the other room, Kevin jumped up and swuatted a moth with his hands first, before shoving the vicar out! The whole audience roared with laughter and most of the cast were laughing too, especially Tallulah Riley, who was killing herself! Also, I think Jennifer smacked Kevin's butt an extra time, during one scene, which she doesn't usually. Not at that moment anyway. I think she usually only smacks his butt after he's smacked hers! She smacked him really hard too, this time! It sounded very loud, lol. :)

This isn't strictly relevant, but if you're suffering from Philadelphia Story withdrawal, a revival of High Society is coming to the West End. Previews from Oct 1, opening on October 10.

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