Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Premiere in Los Angeles

Andrea Mandell, USA Today, reported on the Zero Dark Thirty premiere in Los Angeles December 10 and had a quote from Jennifer.

"At the Hollywood premiere held at the Dolby theater, Jennifer Ehle, who plays a similarly dedicated analyst, talked about the women she and Chastain take on. Both were heavily researched by Boal, and like all the characters in the film, are carefully distorted so as not to reveal the real operatives' identities.

"I love that they're women that are not defined by their relationship to a man, which is extremely unusual in a film, especially for a female protagonist, for the part Jessica plays," she said. "They're defined by their relationship with their work."

Here’s an offering of photos  -- love the dress and the hairstyle (which can be seen best in the second from last) -- from Monday night, primarily via Getty  and  wireimage .