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Jennifer Ehle speaks about Zero Dark Thirty

The National Board of Review selected “Zero Dark Thirty,” as the best film of the year. They have also given Kathryn Bigelow the best directing honors . So that's two for two in awards given so far in the picture and directing categories. Jessica Chastain, who plays a tough CIA operative who obsessively leads the hunt, was named the NBR's best actress. 

The list of all categories and winners can be seen in this article by Paula Schwartz at NEWJERSEYNEWSROOM which states “This is now the film to beat for the Oscar!”

She also writes, “There were some genuine surprises from the NBOR, including Best Supporting Award to the seasoned and wonderful character actress Ann Dow. She was in a critically well-received but little seen film, “Compliance.” This is a huge upset, meaning she has bested favored actresses like Sally Field in “Lincoln,” Jennifer Ehle in "Zero Dark Thirty," Anne Hathaway in “Les Misérables” and Amy Adams in “The Master.”

Showbiz 411’s Roger Friedman gave the National Board of Review and its awards a review of their own and added, “To give Ann Dowd Best Supporting Actress, the NBR had to skip over Sally Field, Anne Hathaway, Amy Adams, Jacki Weaver, Jennifer Ehle, at least, to find someone obscure and who will not be nominated for an Oscar.”

Katey Rich of Cinema Blend in writing about the NBR awards, revealed she had had the pleasure of being the one to tell Jennifer the news of Kathryn Bigelow’s earlier NYFCC directing award only days before. She wrote that on the day those were announced she “was doing interviews for Zero Dark Thirty as the winners of the New York Film Critics Circle were being announced, and everyone was watching closely. Sony publicists and journalists like myself were obviously able to refresh our phones constantly, but even the talent knew exactly the score; when I walked in the room to speak to Kyle Chandler and Jennifer Ehle and told them Kathryn Bigelow had just been named Best Director by the group ...

...the National Board of Review also named Zero Dark Thirty Best Picture and Director, with an additional Best Actress pick for Jessica Chastain. It's way too easy to read too much into the NBR's picks, which in the last 10 years have lined up with Oscar's Best Picture exactly twice ... “

R. Kurt Osenlund has a piece at Slant magazine titled Oscar Prospects: Zero Dark Thirty in which he wrote, “ ... additional folks who may well have an Oscar shot here are Cinematographer Grieg Fraser, Original Score composer Alexandre Desplat, and longshot Supporting Actress hopeful Jennifer Ehle, who, nominatin or not, turns in some of the best work in her category this year.

He listed prospects for the film in the following manner –

Surest bets: Best Picture; Best Director, Kathryn Bigelow; Best Actress, Jessica Chastain; Best Original Screenplay, Mark Boal; Best Editing.

Possibilities: Best Cinematography; Best Original Score.

Shouldn't be Overlooked: Best Supporting Actress, Jennifer Ehle.

Expanded scheduled release dates for Zero Dark Thirty
USA 19 December 2012(limited)
Spain 4 January 2013
Germany 10 January 2013
Italy 10 January 2013
Iceland 11 January 2013
USA 11 January 2013
Brazil 18 January 2013
France 23 January 2013
Netherlands 24 January 2013
Finland 25 January 2013
Ireland 25 January 2013
UK 25 January 2013
Belgium 30 January 2013
Australia 31 January 2013
Greece 31 January 2013
New Zealand 31 January 2013
Sweden 1 February 2013
Denmark 7 February 2013
Norway 8 February 2013
Japan 15 February 2013
Russia 21 February 2013
Argentina 28 March 2013 spoke with Kyle Chandler and Jennifer Ehle in New York about the secrecy of the project and what it was like getting into their roles as CIA experts. Click on this >> LINK  << to see their interview with Bonnie Laufer Krebs for Tribute Entertainment Media Group.

Jennifer said she and Kyle were among the few who actually got to have the script in advance. Below is a still shot from the interview.

Updating another of her projects -- you can see a trailer Here for Love, Marilyn in which Jennifer read some of Marilyn Monroe’s words. Jennifer doesn’t appear in the clip, but you can hear her voice about 56 seconds in.

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