Sunday, December 02, 2012

More Zero Dark Thirty and More

Robocop continued filming around Toronto on November 25th though obviously, per the Q and A photos from LA on the same date, Jennifer wasn't on the set. It would be cool to see her on that bike, though!

So far the published response to Zero Dark Thirty has been overwhelmingly and uniformly favorable, with reviewers praising the way the story is told and the outstanding acting.  Here are two more.

Christy Lemire, Movie Critic for The Associated Press wrote about the film ("pure, unadorned storytelling, an effort to recreate what happened with absolute authenticity and zero excess") and its central character. We get a peek at a scene Jennifer is in.
"We don't learn much about her [Maya, Jessica Chastain's role] since she has practically no personal life; what she does speaks for who she is. At a rare dinner out one night, a fellow female colleague (Jennifer Ehle, excellent as always) conspiratorially asks Maya whether she's messed around with a good-looking co-worker of theirs. Maya is appalled by the very suggestion. She's a professional. Besides, there's no time."

Though Jennifer is not mentioned directly, you ought to read Germain Lussier’s review at slashfilm. It's really good.

Alas, I have no new photos of her from ZDT. So, instead, in full non sequiturish mode just because they’re both adorable —
                                        Two Girls In Pearls