Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hot Summer in the Country

A treasure trove of rare interview footage has been uploaded to YouTube by one of Jennifer Ehle's most stalwart fans. I posted two of them last time but there have been many more added since, so do not miss terrykip's videos.

Although the most brief, I think this is my favorite (despite perhaps the need for a more clued-in interviewer).

Also, many thanks to sharonalee who let us know about the excellent P&P photo gallery she has created and for volunteering to share it.

Bright Sunshine
After watching Sunshine for the first time recently, Antti Alanen in his Film Diary blog reported his very favorable impressions.
"There are gorgeous female roles in the film, and especially the scenes with the bright Jennifer Ehle radiate with intelligence, courage, sensuality and frank sexuality. - Rachel Weisz would have deserved more screen time, but of course the film is long as it is. Rosemary Harris is excellent as the grown-up Valerie. - Although Ralph Fiennes in his triple role portrays the three main characters, finally, Valerie is the soul and heart of the film, the only one who never loses her inner compass. - A film I decided I want to see again even while still watching it."

Hot Wings
The temperature when I left work yesterday was 100F (37.8C) and will be about the same when I depart today. If the weather has been as unbearably hot where you are as it has been here, keeping animals under your care comfortably cool can be a concern. Let's say, for example, you have chickens. A number of them; maybe seven chickens. If so, has some valuable tips for you about
Keeping Your Chickens Healthy and Cool in Hot Summer Heat

[...] "Water is essential" [...]"

[picture by T. McCracken via]

Hot Things
The Forsyth County ((Winston-Salem is the county seat) Library site has a fine Biography of John Ehle compiled by Sheryl Monks. Included is a nice photo of him with Joe Pye. It has information not in his Wiki article (so far) and worth a read. Just a sample:
[...] Originally released in 1964 by Harper & Row, The Land Breakers is the first book of seven in a sweeping saga detailing the opening up of the North Carolina Appalachian frontier. Rob Neuland of the Asheville Citizen Times has called Ehle’s series, "the greatest epic of our region." [...]

At livejournal two of our favorite ladies made list of Ashmh'sTop Ten Favorite Miniseries. Mom beat daughter in this one.
2. "The Chisholms" (1979) - This excellent three-part miniseries followed the adventures of a Virginian family during their overland trek to California in the mid-1840s. Based upon Evan Hunter's novel, it starred Robert Preston, Rosemary Harris and Ben Murphy.
7. "Pride and Prejudice" (1995) - Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle co-starred in what I consider to be the best version of Jane Austen's classic 1813 novel.

Suzanna Bowling in the Examiner writes about some upcoming productions, including The Royal Family and its award-laden cast.
MTC is also bringing The Royal Family. This is the classic comedy of theatrical manners, written by two of the theatre's greatest writers, George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber, whose other storied collaborations include Dinner at Eight and Stage Door. This devilishly funny play follows the Cavendishes, the famous family of stage stars, as they go about the drama of the day: choosing scripts, dashing off to a performance, and stealing kisses with handsome beaus. Directed by Tony Award winner Doug Hughes (Doubt) with a fantastic cast that includes Emmy nominee Stephen Collins as Gilbert Marshall,Tony winner John Glover as Herbert Dean,Tony Award winner and Oscar nominee Rosemary Harris as Fanny Cavendish, Tony Award nominee and Drama Desk Award winner Jan Maxwell as Julie Cavendish,Tony nominee Tony Roberts as Oscar Wolfe,and Drama Desk Award nominee Reg Rogers as Tony Cavendish. Previews start September 15th.

The Rosemary Harris film Is Anybody There? earned a favorable review
by John Petrakis at recently. He wrote, "We are introduced to some of the other Lark Hall residents, who are portrayed by a who's-who of outstanding British and American character actors, including the still-lovely Rosemary Harris as a former dancer."

A short (19 minutes) film, The Monday Before Thanksgiving featuring Rosemary Harris was shown at Worldwide Short Film Festival 2009 . Shannon the Movie Moxie described it as "Adeptly light handling of complex life events and choices"

Party with Liz and Darce
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