Friday, June 05, 2009

Leaping Water

(Squee if you want, we finally have a name)

Reported at University of North Carolina School of the Arts Alumni Notes
"Jennifer Ehle '88 and her husband Michael Ryan recently welcomed a new daughter, Talulah Ryan, into their family."

(It's June 4th where I am, so ...) Happy three-month birthday anniversary, Miss Talulah Ryan!

A jezillion thanks to t for bringing this link to our attention. She owns extra-special JE radar, I think. She also noticed that a 3-syllable pattern seems to mark the matriarchal line. [Edited to correct: It was Kate who noticed the tri-syllablism]

From internet research:

The meaning of the name Talulah is Leaping Water
The origin of the name Talulah is Native American (Choctaw)

Another, less mentioned derivation is "possibly derived from a Gaelic name meaning "fruitful woman". (Come to think of it though, Ryan is an Irish Gaelic surname, so this could be the more likely inspiration).

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Anonymous said...

hi im new fan of ms. JE i just want to ask if you mean she has another child. Im leerose from the philippines.