Saturday, July 11, 2009

Coming Attractions

Just a quick entry to send along a trio of things.

Rosemary Harris is scheduled to participate in the reading series at the 92Y Poetry Center
"Tony Award-winning actress Rosemary Harris (Spider-Man’s Aunt May) returns to the Poetry Center to read from some of the classics of children’s literature."

Date & Time: Sat, Sep 26, 2009, 11:30am
Location: Lexington Avenue at 92nd Street

"The Poetry Center presents the third year of its children’s reading series. These Saturday programs, targeted toward 8-12-year-olds, feature classic and contemporary literature read by actors and authors."

Jane Austen presents Jennifer Ehle

Damon Young at The Sydney Morning Herald in a nice article About writing and about Jane Austen revealed that Miss Austen was able to look into the future, anticipate the existence of the mini-series, and provide casting.

"[...]Her sales are astronomical, her influence on authors and readers incalculable. She gave us Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth, for which many fans are profoundly grateful. [...]"

We are profoundly grateful, Miss Austen (with thanks also to Sue Birtwistle, Simon Langton, and Andrew Davies for an excellent job of channeling JA).


A treat is due to be served here at the Blog on or about Saturday July 11th.
Mark your calendars; set your timepieces; calibrate your sundials.

[It is still the afternoon of July 10th at my location so I can truthfully present this as a future event no matter what the "date/time posted by" might indicate below]

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