Friday, December 14, 2007

The Russell Girl: Coming to a Television Near You

Hallmark has announced that The Russell Girl will be broadcast on CBS on Sunday, January 27, 2008 from 9-11pm ET/PT(USA). (Earlier than expected!) Here is the bulk of the press release, which includes some good quotage from Amber Tamblyn about her character, Sarah Russell:
[...] Sarah Russell has moved to Chicago where she works as a department store buyer. While in Chicago she receives some unsettling news, which brings her back to her small-town roots. Back home, she must deal with old wounds before she can set about healing them. Academy Award-nominee Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (The Color of Money, Without a Trace) and Tim DeKay (Tell Me You Love Me, Carnivale) play her parents; two-time Tony Award-winner Jennifer Ehle (The Real Thing, The Coast of Utopia) and Henry Czerny (The Tudors, Mission Impossible) play her across-the-street neighbors, the Morrisseys. Paul Wesley (Smallwood, Crossing Jordan) plays an old boyfriend who reenters Sarah’s life when she moves back home.

Describing her character in an on-set interview, Amber Tamblyn describes Sarah as “a woman of secrets. She has a past she’s run away from, and she has a ‘today’ secret that she tries to keep bottled up inside her. She’s also a woman consumed by guilt over something that happened half-a-dozen years ago.”

Tamblyn says she’s intrigued by the “Sarah” character. “I find her quite heroic,” says Tamblyn, “in a quiet kind of way. If I’d had the things happen to me that happened to Sarah, I don’t know if I’d survive the storm like she does.”

“Sarah,” says Tamblyn, “really has to dig deep within herself. She really has to struggle. And of course that’s what makes her victory all the more sweet.”

Describing the story’s themes, Amber Tamblyn says they include the importance of communication. “The film is definitely about trying to open a dialogue between family members and then trying to work things out. Also, for Sarah, it’s so important to try to reach closure with her neighbor about something terrible that happened in the past.”

“Forgiveness is another key theme,” says Tamblyn. “It is self-defeating to hold grudges,” she says, “to keep things bottled up inside you, to not let go of things you need to let go of.” [...]
Sounds intriguing, no?

The other news-worthy item is that Before the Rains will be released next year. (Sorry I can't be more specific than that!) According to the Hollywood Reporter, Before the Rains has been picked up by Roadside Attractions:
Roadside Attractions has nabbed a pair of Toronto International Film Festival world premieres: Santosh Sivan's romantic drama "Before the Rains," starring Linus Roache, and Tarsem's epic fantasy "The Fall."

"Rains" stars Roache as a British entrepreneur in 1937 colonial India who begins an extramarital affair with a local servant (Nandita Das). When their relationship is exposed, and his wife (Jennifer Ehle) returns from England, his future and the servant's life are put in jeopardy.

Doug Mankoff, Andrew Spaulding, Paul Hardart, Tom Hardart and Mark Burton produced the film from Indian director Sivan ("The Terrorist"). The film premiered in September and will be released next year. [...]
Cinematical adds:
It's got to be a bit stressful to screen your film at a fest and watch nothing happen with it for months, or even years. But all is not completely over, especially as the latest news from The Hollywood Reporter will attest. Roadside Attractions has picked up two period films that screened at TIFF -- Before the Rains, which screened this year, and The Fall, which screened in 2006. Rains is about a British man in colonial India in 1937, who has an affair with his Indian servant, while Fall is a fantasy set in the 1920s about a young girl in a hospital who is told stories about heroes on a deserted island by an injured stuntman. Both films will be released next year. [...]
And, speaking of Before the Rains, a fan who saw the movie at the Dubai International Film Festival just added a comment to an older post. Check it out.

On the Pride and Glory front, the Movie Reporter has a some new images from the movie, though there do not appear to be any of Ms Ehle.

And just for fun, Tristero sends us on a stroll down memory lane...

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