Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Jennifer Ehle!!!

  • Firstly a HUGE happy birthday to Jennifer Ehle! We hope she has a beautiful, wonderful and fabulous day! Click the following link to view a little tribute slideshow called 'A little look back at 2007'. Turn the speakers on as it has music. (Not necessarily very good music however!) Apologies in advance for the amateurism!

  • Also, as it is December 29th, The BC/EFA Fundraiser in honour of Ms Ehle has now finished. It has raised a total of $450 for the charity. Thank you to everyone who donated - your roubles and effort were much appreciated!

In other news:

  • TVShowsOnDVD announce that Holocaust (1978) is in plans to be released on DVD on May 27 2008, by Paramount Home Entertainment. This is what they have to say about the series, for which Rosemary Harris won a Golden Globe:
[...] The story of two Third Reich-era German families -one Jewish, one Nazi - aired on NBC in 4 parts during April 1978. It was both praised and criticized for various aspects of the realism involved, but most agree that it raised awareness among younger generations about the German attempt to exterminate Jews in concentration camps, per "Hitler's Final Solution". It covered such major events as the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, and the Jewish imprisonment at, and liberation of, Auschwitz. [...]

See Amazon for some unanimous laudatory reviews from customers wanting the series to make a reappearance!

  • In a look back at the best plays of 2007, Ben Brantley considers crediting the 'successful marathon that was Tom Stoppard's three-part Coast of Utopia' with 'reorienting New York theatergoers to the pleasures of bona fide drama.' Similarly, the Star-Ledger talks of Jack O'Brien's 'splendid staging' and sums up the production as 'memorably performed by a vast and vastly gifted cast.' Blogger Paula was happily surprised, saying 'who would have thought that three plays based on 6 friends, writers and thinkers from 1840's Russia would be engaging. It was engrossing.' Regarding present and future projects meanwhile, Indiawest Online writes about the Palm Springs International Film Festival (PSIFF) and briefly mentions Before the Rains while Matt Windman of amNY talks to Cymbeline's Martha Plimpton.
  • Lastly, for a bit of fun, here is a Capricorn horoscope for today from astrologer Jonathan Cainer:
[...] They say you shouldn't leap before you look. Sometimes, though, you can look too long and hard. When, for example, you find yourself standing at the edge of a diving board, it is inadvisable to spend hours gazing down at the water below, wondering what kind of a splash you are likely to make. One quick glance, followed by one brave jump, is all you require. Is your next leap of faith going to take you from a place of safety to a place of danger? If you could know for sure, it wouldn't be a leap of faith any more. [...]

Well it is more useful than mine, believe it or not! Bon anniversaire!

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