Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Utopia tix prices & December jamboree

Telecharge (search "Utopia") has ticket prices for the marathon performances on February 24, March 3 and March 10: orchestra and loge rows A-C are $300 while rows D-E are $195. For single plays prices are $100 and $65. See the seating chart. On marathon days Part 1 begins at 11am, Part 2 at 3:30pm and Part 3 at 8pm.

So, who wants to go see The Coast of Utopia with some fellow fans? We're* planning a meetup for the weekend of December 9-10 to see a Saturday evening performance of Voyage and matinee of Shipwreck the following day. E-mail jenniferehle@gmail.com if you're interested. You needn't come to both days if you don't want to. Let us know before September 1st, since we might book tickets as a group to sit together and cheer at inappropriate moments. Don't be shy, it'll be fun! Even if you can't come then, how about a group read/discussion of the plays? Drop an e-mail to the same address above.

PS. Controversy already! All That Chat members report that there were long lines in the morning, LCT phones rung off the hook and Telecharge crashed due to demand for Utopia member tickets. Apparently they even screwed up and tickets were available to the general public between 10am and noon. LCT does reserve tickets for single ticket sales so we have some chance, but get ready for a stampede come September 10.

*"we" = Kerry, Tess, Ann, Kimiko, Abigail & yours truly.

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Anonymous said...

Seriously if you are reading this it is going to be tons of fun! If you're going to go anyway jsut think of how fun it will be to discuss JE at intermission!