Monday, August 07, 2006

Odds and ends

  • The Pittsburg Post-Gazette says that The River King will be showing on "SHO" at 7.15pm Wednesday.
  • Youtube music videos of Pride and Prejudice to "Nothing else matters" (Apocalyptica strings version), "She" (ta, E) and "Sacrifice".
  • An astrological profile- apparently she's got the same personality and character as Harry Potter.
  • Coast of Utopia member tix are available from 10am on Monday.
  • In the print edition of Total Film magazine out today there should be an Alpha Male review. The Barbican has a snippet of the 4-star review, already posted before.
  • A brief review of Alpha Male in the Sunday Mail:
    This rather dull domestic tale follows the moody lives of a pair of spoiled little rich kids resenting their mother (Jennifer Ehle) for remarrying quickly after father Danny Huston dies. It's told in flashbacks from a 21st birthday party but the childhood sequences are cleverly done and get the mood of the bitter kids just right.

  • And an even briefer preview in the Guardian.
  • An interesting essay on The Coast of Utopia in the Oxonian Review by Brad Henderson. There's some quotage from the plays.
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