Friday, August 18, 2006

Live from Lincoln Center

Earlier someone suggested that we lobby for The Coast of Utopia to be broadcast on PBS's Live from Lincoln Center TV program. I wrote to ask if they were already planning to do so and the reply was in the negative. Still, may be worth a try. Here are the contact details:

Live from Lincoln Center
70 Lincoln Center Plaza, NY 10023
212-875-5339 (this address works)

We've heard from the NYPL that The Coast of Utopia is going to be recorded for the Theatre on Film and Tape archives, the same collection that also contains The Real Thing and Macbeth vids.

Meanwhile, Mr Crudup's already helping publicise the trilogy. From the Trust the Man junket:

Will be appearing this fall at Lincoln Center in a trio of plays by Tom Stoppard called The Coast of Utopia. They're about Russian politics in the 19th century -- he tried to make them sound rock 'n' roll, but even he knew it was a lie.

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